` Jochem Oostendorp

Your nature guide to discover the Veluwe

Explore together with a nature guide

Go on a hike with experienced nature guide Jochem Oostendorp and learn about the origin of the Veluwe and its flora and fauna. The guide will teach you many interesting facts which will make you experience the Veluwe in a whole different way. Bookable for guided hikes in the Veluwe, individually or with a group.

About the guide

The guide, Jochem Oostendorp, lives in Hoenderloo, on the Veluwe. He lives there with his partner and two children. For him nature is a place of wonder and relaxation. The intricate relations between the land, the management, the flora and the fauna interests him. He's a certified nature guide at the IVN (Institute for Nature Education and Sustainability) and has a BSc in zoology from the Van Hall Institute. His specializations where ‘Policy and education’ and ‘Wildlife management and Zoos’. His English level is advanced thanks to part of the curriculum being in English and doing several traineeships abroad.



Having fun with the family. Going out and discovering the Veluwe. A pleasant walk while learning about the Veluwe and nature in general. The little ones can go search for footprints and other signs of animal activity. Also there is ample opportunity to ask questions.
Usually a walk last about two hours, crossing about 5 kilometres (3 miles).


A guided walk be an excellent part of a team building event. Enjoying nature together and learning how plants and animals work together in the wild. The main point is this is that they do what their best at. And cooperate with other organisms doing what their best at.

In general the walks will be subject to weather conditions. If the KNMI gives a weather warning of code red or if heavy winds or lightning is expected the tour will be cancelled or rescheduled. In case of cancellation due to severe weather there will be a maximal 50% restitution.
Participants are themselves responsible to wear adequate clothing and shoes. You participate at your own risk.